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Our Mission is to Securely Enable AI

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AI Cyber Advisors has assembled a team of AI Security Experts who come from esteemed pedigrees, including Microsoft AI, Cloud and Security leadership, Big 4 Consulting AI Security Leadership, experienced CISOs with a passion for AI and Security who are directly involved in the OWASP LLM Vulnerability project.

We have leaders who have been involved in creating high performing security teams and overseeing complex security and AI development projects.

Our team of cybersecurity and AI experts have been at the forefront of the industry influencing the secure deployment of AI & Chatbot Solutions.

We understand the security challenges and opportunities that AI presents to your organization. You need people who can protect your data, systems, and networks from cyber threats, as well as leverage AI to enhance your products, services, and processes. You also need people who can keep up with the latest technologies and trends in these fast-changing domains.

That’s why we have developed a unique approach to AI Cyber Advisors.  We sourced, screened, and selected the best experts who understand the unique challenges of securing AI solutions.

We help firms develop robust AI strategies based on utilizing authoritative sources like OWASP LLM, OWASP AI Guide, and frameworks from Ethical AI & Machine Learning Institute, MITRE Atlas, and WEF AI Governance.

We draw from each of these sources that offer best practices, mitigate security threats, and promote ethical AI, enhancing trust and compliance in AI deployments.

In addition, we leverage proven AI Assessment Frameworks which provides structured guidance, enhancing trust in AI solutions, ensuring regulatory compliance, and safeguarding organizational reputation.

We partner with you and help define the most appropriate solution specifically designed for your unique challenges.

We offer flexible and customized solutions that suit your budget and requirements.


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